Author: openus

18 Apr Thank You for Visiting Us at Euroluce 2017

LG Display has showcased its latest OLED lighting products and artworks at Euroluce 2017 from April 4 to 9. Under the theme “The Light of Inspiration”, the event came to a close with great success, resulting in more than 10,000 visitors attending the LG Display…


07 Apr History of Lighting & LG OLED light

Light is one of life’s necessities and most people would not even want to imagine living in a world without light. In particular, artificial light provides massive benefits to human lives and it is one of the most important technologies that have been invented. Let’s…


06 Apr LG OLED light Flexible Panels 101

In our daily lives, healthy and eco-friendly LG OLED light provides countless benefits with its low heat, no glare, no UV and no blue light risk characteristics. Furthermore, along with these attributes, plastic substrate based flexible LG OLED light panels can be freely shaped in…