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TechnologyWhat's the difference between an OLED light and an OLED display?

OLED displays and OLED lights both use a similar technology. They both are made with multiple layers of organic materials. However, while OLED displays combine RGB to project multiple colors to portray frames of pictures, OLED light panels emit white light by combining RGB together. The basic technology is similar but the difference lies in the method of implementation.

TechnologyWhat's the difference between OLED light and LED light?

The biggest difference between OLED light and LED light is that OLED light panel is surface light source while LED is a point light source. OLED light panels emit a uniform and evenly diffused light that is comfortable on the eyes; therefore considered as a next-generation light source suitable for interior lighting. OLED light panels are also thin and flexible and, thus, offer endless design possibilities for architecture and interior design.

collaborationsHow can I work on a collaboration project with LG OLED light?

To collaborate with LG OLED light, click Contact and then fill out the application form on the Collaborations page OR Contact Sebastian Suh directly at seb@lgdisplay.com.

collaborationsIs it possible to receive samples for collaboration projects?

Samples for the collaboration projects can be obtained for by contacting your regional distributor.  Also, you can get the samples by submitting your project for evaluation. Please click on Contact and then click Collaborations and fill out the application form. We will evaluate your project internally and contact you

productsCan OLED panels be cut?

OLED panels cannot be cut. All OLED panels are sold in fixed sizes. Check Products for full product specs and dimensions.

distributorHow can I purchase LG OLED light panels?

LG OLED light panels can be purchased by contacting your regional distributor. You can check for regional distribution coverage by clicking on Contact and then Distributor on the website. If there are complications in purchasing OLED panels from a regional distributor, you can also contact our headquarters and talk to one of our representatives who is responsible for your region.

distributorWhere can I find pricing for LG OLED light panels?

Please contact your regional Distributor for product prices.