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The Natural Shine of OLED Light Brightens LG Electronics Digital Park

The Natural Shine of OLED Light Brightens LG Electronics Digital Park


LG Display OLED light is changing the global lighting industry. OLED lights have been installed throughout LG Electronics Digital Park in South Korea and are receiving positive feedback from the employees there. What makes OLED lights so much better than other ordinary lights? Let’s hear it straight from the person in charge!


Q : Please introduce yourself.

A : Hello, I’m Seonwook Jung, director of LG Display OLED light development and product planning.


Q : I’m curious as to why OLED lights were installed at LG Electronics Digital Park.

A : LG Electronics decided to install OLED lights at their LG Science Park research facility and thought they would also be suitable to install at LG Electronics Digital Park as well.


Q : What is the most interesting aspect of the OLED light installations in LG Electronics Digital Park?


A : The most interesting aspect of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) lights is that they are exceptionally thin. They are thinner than a credit card and flexible so they can be curved to be installed in many diverse ways. In the case of LEDs, there are issues with drilling holes in certain materials and limitations to the quality of material that can be used. However, the thin characteristics of OLED lights allows them to be adhered to almost any material and provides much more freedom when designing the interior of a building. These OLED light characteristics were fully utilized when the OLED lights were installed at LG Electronics Digital Park as well.


Q : What has been the response from people who use OLEDs in LG Electronics Digital Park?


A : OLED lights were installed throughout the facility in places such as elevators, the lobby and conference rooms. People have noticed that the light in spaces where OLEDs have been installed is much easier on their eyes than other spaces without OLEDs installed. In particular, people are saying that fatigue to their eyes while sitting at their desks has decreased. The reason for this is due to the very low amount of UV and blue light emitted by OLEDs and OLED light is very close to the spectrum of natural light.


Q : What are some other advantages of OLED lights over other types of lighting?


A : OLEDs are different from other light sources such as FPL, IL, EL, HQ, T5 and LED in that each device itself is a light emitting display. Since OLEDs emit very little heat, they are easy to utilize in exhibitions spaces such as retail shops and museums, and they also boast a 90% CRI (Color Rendering Index), which makes items on display appear in their true color. OLEDs also consume low volume of electricity, so they lower electricity costs.


Q : What is the advantage of installing OLED lights in an office environment?


A : Offices are where most people spend at least half of their day. If the lighting in a space like this is in a poor quality, people will experience eye fatigue and bad effects on their eyesight so they will be caught in a vicious cycle of stress in their workplace. So, I recommend the world’s best quality light, OLED, for places where people must spend extended periods of time indoors.


Q : Can you recommend some other places where OLED light might be beneficial?


A : I recommend OLED lights for the home. I’d like to install OLEDs in my home as well. Whether in the home or the office or any other space where people have to spend extended periods of time, OLED lights are a great choice for those concerned with interior design because they are able to be installed in a wide array of environments.


Q : Are there plans to install OLED lights in other places as well?


A : The potential of the global lighting market is very high. Of course, lighting is needed in every building. Also, as the smart era continues to accelerate, there will be many diverse applications for lighting and we hope LG Display OLED light panels will continue to be a part of this trend.


We can see that OLED lights are already being used in diverse environments. Now that you’ve learned a bit more about OLED lights, do you feel more confident about their quality? As Seonwook Jung said, we can expect to see OLED lights in homes in the near future too!




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